Deepld Viking Children's Rollino Wheel Barrow:Deepld
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Viking Children's Rollino Wheel Barrow:Deepld

Viking Published in October 20, 2018, 9:06 pm
 Viking Children's Rollino Wheel Barrow:Deepld

Viking Children's Rollino Wheel Barrow:Deepld

Price:£28.60+ Free shipping

Mr H!
Mr H! Reply to on 2 March 2016
I bought this for my son a few years ago for his Christmas, it started out as a toy which was used for various activities including rearranging my Garden:( The build quality is very sturdy but requires a bit of assembly which can be a little bit fiddly.(Make sure everything is secure before use or the handles and frame might warp.) A little story for everyone, last year I had a renovation which meant moving several tonnes of stone and my boys helped using this barrow. It worked fine and still works today. Great item,very sturdy, 5 Stars.
L. Lee
L. Lee Reply to on 1 December 2011
My 2 year old wanted a wheelbarrow to be the same as dad - we ordered this and are very happy! It arrived quickly enough and did not require a huge deal of brain cells to assemble. It serves it's purpose well, I don't think it'd support anything too heavy but that's not what he'd be using it for! So he totters around the garden delighted! Would choose this one again and can easily recommend it!

A wee update.....Nov 2014, were still using this and it's still going strong!!
fluffyduster Reply to on 12 September 2012
I got this for my 3 year old grandson. He helped his Grandpa put it together which he loved and then he used it to go and collect potatoes from our garden. We were hoping he would keep it here as he likes to help us do jobs in the garden but he wanted to take it home and insisted on wheeling it all the way there (about a mile). He seemed to like it a lot and it looks pretty sturdy. His dad is a Stihl fan so he was very pleased with the Stihl connection (my other grandson is even called Andreas as his second name after Andreas Stihl - yes, my son is a little bit obsessed by chain saws but he does do tree work so nothing too worrying there). Back to the wheelbarrow, it is a real replica of a grown up one which was what I wanted this time having had a plastic one before which didn't last long. I am hoping to persuade Thomas to bring it back here soon but only time will tell. I would definitely recommend this for any little gardeners who like to help and the price was pretty reasonable as well.
NickyNoNuts78​ Reply to on 9 May 2013
Lovely bright wheel barrow. Easy to put together, easy to manover. I bought one each for my sons bithday aged two and three. Would recommend for children two years upwards.
I decorated their wheel barrows with cow patterned sticky back plastic from 99p shop, cutting my sons names and ages, as I needed to personalise them as they only came in green. Once I stuck their names and numbers on I sealed the sticky back plastic with clear nail varnish. They live outdide, Used Daily for all sorts round the garden. From play sand, stones, logs for the fire. My boys are typical boys who love to be outdoors in all weathers and not exactly gentle, and they are not scratched, (yet) and stickers are firmly on still looking new.
The only down side is that it took my two year old about a week to learn to lift the wheelbarrow, instead he would push it, dragging the metal wheel barrow legs along the patio!!! It makes an horrendous noise!!. For me, mouth watering!!
They were such a good buy I bought my nephew one for his 2nd Birthday and he loves his too. I paid £34 for my original two, including delivery. Bargain.
Amazon Customer
Amazon Customer Reply to on 7 November 2013
I am really please with this little wheel barrow. My 3 year old grandson loves it and now he can help me put the logs away when they have been delivered. It is easy to put together only took me about 10 minutes on my own and seams quite strong. Well worth the money.

I would say it should last until he is about 6 maybe 7, it is a good size and made of metal which is a big plus the only thing which is plastics is the wheel but even that seams quite sturdy.
Melissa Addey
Melissa Addey Reply to on 7 June 2013
Nice sturdy little wheelbarrow - you need to do up the bolts really tightly though with a proper spanner else it seems all wobbly. But once that's done it's great and my toddler loves it for the garden, trundles up and down with it forever. Top tip for putting on the plastic handles: get a needle and poke a tiny hole in each plastic handle to let the air come out as you slide it on, else it creates a sort of vacuum which makes it impossible to put them on!!
Moulie Reply to on 8 May 2013
I ordered this for my 2 year old daughter, who loves going around the garden collecting stones, filling it with sand from her sandpit and earth from the veg patch. This was bought to replace a plastic version which she had grown out of and we are really pleased with its size (will be suitable for a couple of years), weight, look and durability. It has a very sturdy design and a strong plastic wheel. It was relatively easy to put together, using nuts and bolts to ensure it is safe and sturdy. My daughter absolutely loves it and we would definitely recommend it! My only suggestion would be to have rubber grips on the triangle metal feet to prevent them scratching, but this doesn't affect its use, would just be an improvement.
Mrs. Judith A. Russell
Mrs. Judith A. Russell Reply to on 26 April 2014
Bought this Wheel Barrow for my Grandson's Birthday to go with his other Gardening Bit's He loves it, he helps his Daddy with the Garden.He has his own patch of Garden and is growing some Strawberries and Flowers in it. Well made and easy to put toghether very sturdy Perfect for him. Very fast delivery too. Would Highly Recommend to anyone.
Jd Reply to on 11 April 2015
Bought for two year old. Although we thought it might be a little on the big side he managed it perfectly. It's strongly made and capable of carrying quite big loads. Our grandson has used it for two years now and it's as good as ever.
SMO Reply to on 10 January 2014
Looked everywhere for a child's wheelbarrow. This one is superb and will stand up to tough love. Initially bought for Xmas but decided to keep for grandson's birthday as with hindsight thought he would want to use right away and ground would probably be frozen or wet (as it was). He will love it!
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