Deepld Blackwall 330 litre Green Compost Converter:Deepld
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Blackwall 330 litre Green Compost Converter:Deepld

Blackwall Published in October 20, 2018, 10:04 pm
 Blackwall 330 litre Green Compost Converter:Deepld

Blackwall 330 litre Green Compost Converter:Deepld

Price:£13.94 - £43.00

Andrea P
Andrea P Reply to on 2 July 2015
Elderly mother very pleased with this. Unlike her previous bins, this one has a door on the front to access the compost. So she no longer has to lift whole bin off to access compost.
paul Reply to on 11 October 2017
great base plate fitted my compost bin really well once I added stuff to be composted, added a few worms to get it started, although the holes in the base plate will allow worms to get when they want to.
Lancastrian Reply to on 3 October 2018
This does look good, but the narrow "blunt cone" shape makes is hard to turn the compost properly, plus there are no side holes to allow air in. This makes composting a very slow process indeed. The centre of mine has barely reached 15 degrees - far too cool. Buy something more conventional, or make your own!

A smaller version of the same product had been left by the previous owner - it's still full of unrotted waste. Perhaps I should have taken note.
Amazon Customer
Amazon Customer Reply to on 24 September 2017
Best buy i have made for my small garden after a while of filling up andwork have great compost. But would advise that you buy the bottom as well.
Anne Davies
Anne Davies Reply to on 8 October 2017
Good value for money and better made than previous purchase with a well- fitting lid and a hatch for getting the compost out
Chris Davies
Chris Davies Reply to on 7 February 2017
Feels a bit flimsy and the bottom doesn't sit flush on a flat surface so I can see there being a bit of leakage, but for the price you can't complain
John C.
John C. Reply to on 16 September 2017
Doesn't fit the recommended size of bin waste of money
Isobolev Reply to on 23 September 2017
Only regret is that this kit does not come with a base as standard... has to be bought separately which is a bit of hassle...
MJB Reply to on 2 June 2017
quick service, great item and great quality highly recommend
Oggin Reply to on 13 May 2017
Just what was needed. Arrived on time. Well made item.
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